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Thank You for purchasing SalesDisk. Below you can find all the supplementary material referenced in the audiobook for you to follow along with. Use the links below to skip to the figure you need. We hope you enjoy!

Figures by Chapter

Figure 1.1 Go to Market Strategy Triangle

Figure 2.1 Salesperson's view of the SalesDISK

Figure 2.2 Subsegment Definitions

Figure 2.3 Allocation of tasks between Sales, Marketing and Other using SalesDISK

Figure 2.4 Subsegment Priority Weighting

Figure 2.5 Weighting & assignment table IDENTIFY segment

Figure 2.6 Prospecting-focused IDENTIFY segment

Figure 2.7 2 SalesDISK's representing the intention of one job specification

Figure 3.1 Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership

Figure 3.2 Career success against time

Figure 3.3 An example of a failed model assumption where activities to meet the required revenue do not match the time available.

Figure 3.4 Tactics which could be used to meet the required transaction level

Figure 4.1 DEVELOP Subsegment Definition

Figure 4.2 Reasons people buy

Figure 5.1 IDENTIFY Subsegment Definition

Figure 5.2 The responsibility of the salesperson (top) vs the responsibility of internal sales (bottom)

Figure 5.3 Example calling lists to be provided to salespeople for organised outbound calling sessions

Figure 6.1 SERVICE Subsegment Definition

Figure 7.1 KNOWLEDGE Subsegment Definition

Figure 8.1 Leadership and Management Tasks

Figure 8.2 Leadership and Management Checklist

Figure 10.1 Buyer's Perception of a Commodity versus a Solution

Figure 10.2 Value disciplines from customer view (“The Discipline of Market Leaders” by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema)

Figure 11.1 Classic Buyer Journey

Figure 11.2 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Figure 11.3 Composition of application, business and personal needs

Figure 11.4 Buyer Options

Figure 11.5 Buyer Journey relationship with SalesDISK segment

Figure 11.6 Channels take your products to your customer

Figure 11.7 Channel relative to cost per interaction and touch

Figure 12.1 A basic view of PPH

Figure 12.2 PPH gap analysis examples

Figure 12.3 Connection between segments & PPH levers

Figure 13.1 Example input for segment calculator

Figure 13.2 SalesDISK sunburst chart depicting the sale from the salesperson’s view

Figure 13.3 SalesDISK including additional departments (marketing & other)

Figure 13.4 Example input for Subsegment calculator

Figure 13.5 Subsegment SalesDISK© sunburst chart. Departments and further labels can be turned on and off as required. Labels are also available through mouse hover.

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