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Rising tides float all boats we are told, be in an expanding market and your work is done, there is of course a lot of logic to this however, most of the world operates in markets which have steady growth just above GDP, even if you want to move into capture more of these high growth markets you’re going to need a really good plan to get there.


In many cases if you’re going to win someone is going to lose as share is taken, everyone has competitors to the problems they solve even if they are not instantly visible. Winning share is not about price or spending wars it’s about best strategy execution designing your growth better than your competitors.


Growth needs to be designed and critically designed into your business.


Growth is always going to be dependent on your situation but in all cases it only ever occurs when the opportunity is made visible, and the team is aligned. There are two approaches to growth Analytical and Desire based.

Analytically lead growth is where a business understands the situation and creates a plan to ensure it is achieved with people in alignment. Desire based growth is where someone wants growth and shouts 10% at everyone, normally with poor logic and reason and grinds out an answer, often grinding the staff as they go.

At Gaido Scientific we focus on Analytical growth development, understanding the leavers of your business to make meaningful change. Without meaningful change every action is just a small incremental initiative which is rarely recognised financially.


Businesses looking for growth are normally operating in one of three phases Launching, Strengthening & Accelerating. Although some tactics do overlap and are useful in every phase they do lever differently. For example, for many increasing the sales hit-rate may be the objective, training can achieve this, but this tends to be a strengthening tactic. Of course, training always adds value but if you don’t yet have the customers or brand (Launch) or need to move to new markets for example (Accelerate) then there may be more leverageable tactics to deploy.

Through understanding your current position, needs and timescales we can help diagnose the best route for growth. Once the route is established we have dedicated programs to help you achieve this and transfer in the skills required to ensure it continues past our engagement.

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